MoxyScript is a JavaScript Framework That will transform the way you build websites.   Are you ready to automate web development?


MoxyScript has built in tools to help you automate your development.

Write less code

MoxyORM automatically generates classes for you based on a schema or interface.


Moxy Analytics can help you identify weakpoints in your application design.

Gain insights

Moxy Analytics provides you with valuable data about your customers with graphs, charts, and more.

Ease of Use

MoxyScript was built from the ground-up to be easy to learn and use.

Intuitive Design

One-click installs allow you to get a blog or online shop running in minutes.


MoxyScript is designed to minimize dependencies and give developers choice.


Automate only the parts you want while being in control of the parts you care about.

Open Source

MoxyScript is completely open source.

Join the revolution

Welcome to MoxyScript

MoxyScript is in early development stages and is expected to be released with features such as:


The mission of MoxyScript (and is to automate web development in the most natural and seamless way possible using the least amount of dependencies (we love developing things from scratch). It won't happen overnight, but with enough effort and contributions from the open source community, we aim to make it happen!

More details will be released as the platform is developed. Feel free to contact the founder on his LinkedIn.


MoxyScript was designed by a developer on his free time with the goals of: